Ardentinny 2015


Ardentinny 2015


Our Primary 7 pupils have had a great first day and night at Ardentinny.
Ready to leave.
Ardentinny, are you ready for us?
Primary 7 timetable of activities
A wee game of football with Ms Sawers
Ready for a night walk
Our brilliant Primary 7 girls
My favourite thing was falling in the loch' by Matthew 'Rock hop is the best activity. Oh and remember don't touch the jelly fish!' by Ben 'I really enjoyed this and whoever comes later will really enjoy the experience too.'by Rhys  
'I'm enjoying Ardentinny right now' by Ryan 'When we did the night walk my feet felt like they had their own heart beat because they were so tired' by Kacey Hold your nose and mouth when you dive in the water' by Leah  
'Really enjoyed the gorgewalking. I loved the pool' by Angela 'Rock hopping is amazing. Watch out for Jelly fish' by Tori Don't step on green rocks!' by Alex  
I love Ardentinny. My instructor Carleen is amazing. I loved jumping off the cliff' by Chloe 'I loved the forest walk and we found quartz. I wish we were staying longer' by Anna 'I found gorgewalking challenging but it was fun too' by Pranav  
'Wear thick socks doing gorgewalking' by Brad 'The thing that I have enjoyed most so far is the rock hop' by Bobby My favourite thing was canoeing and kayaking. I thought I could not do it but I did!' by Hollie  
'I love it and it is good fun' by Benjamin 'The gorgewalking was freezing in my wellies and up my legs. I couldn't feel my feet!' by Emma My brother told me to have fun but yesterday I forgot to wear socks and I got a blister. But it hasn't stopped me having fun' by Kyle H  

 I really enjoy Ardentinny. It is great fun!' by Cameron

'Don't touch jelly fish' by Jack

 'If you touch a jelly fish with your welly it will sting you if you touch your welly' by Connor

'Hold on to your wellies for the big jump! It's fantastic here.' by Isla

 'The water is freezing!' by Sam  





 Primary 7 are continuing to have a brilliant time at Ardentinny and have been a real credit to the school and their parents by showing team spirit and having exemplary behaviour.