Ready Readers


The children in Primary 1 are so enthusiastic when it’s time for Ready Readers Club.  The Primary 6 children do a fantastic job at listening to the children read, as well as model effective reading skills to the little ones. It a relaxed time with plenty of opportunity to discuss what they have read as they explore a wide variety of genre. It is a club that both age groups really enjoy!

P1 children said:

“I like to read with my Ready Readers Buddy.”   Grace P1

“It’s so much fun I get to read my book with my buddy.” Keira  P1

“You get to read with other people and hear them read which helps me read much better.” Ruairidh P1

“It helps me to learn new words.” Lucy P1


P6 children said: 

“I like Ready Readers because I think it encourages the P1s to read more.” Jack P6

“I like it because we get to spend time with our buddies and reading is something I like to do so it is fun to read with the small children and hear them read.” Anna P6

“Ready Readers is the best thing. I like feeling that I am helping the primary ones in their life to read better.” Miranda P6

“I love Ready Readers it encourages the children to read, it’s so much fun, better than watching the T.V.” Melissa P6