Royal Rockstars

Royal Rockstars spent 4 mornings with the staff and pupils of Wester Cleddens Primary practising for our Royal Rockstars concert on Tuesday 17th March. They promoted powerful messages of kindness, respect, team work and friendship through original songs. Children and staff had a brilliant time. Pictures from our concert will appear here soon!


Our Royal Rockstars concert was FABULOUS! The atmosphere was amazing and our pupils performed brilliantly in their fab costumes. Thank you to Mrs Andrews and Mrs McBride who organised all the seating and tickets for the concert. Thank you to my support staff, Mrs Crainie, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mrs Muirhead, Miss Smith and Mrs Cosh for helping on the night and throughout the rehearsal week. And a massive thank you to my teaching staff, Mrs Miller, Mrs Mulherron, Ms Rice, Mrs Sturgeon, Miss Hannah, Mrs Claase, Miss Sawers, Miss Hamilton and Miss Murray who dressed up and sang and danced on the night like true rockstars!! But most importantly a huge thank you to all the pupils who participated in the concert, you all made us very proud with your enthusiasm and effort. Well done, Wester Cleddens Primary School!


 Pr. 1 Rockstars with Miss Murray and Dave  Pr. 2 Rockstars with Miss Hamilton and Mrs Miller
 Pr. 3 Rockstars with Miss Sawers and Mrs Claase  Pr. 4 and Pr. 5 Rockstars with Andy and Miss Hannah 
 Pr. 6 Rockstars   Pr. 6 Rockstars

Pr. 6 Rockstars

Pr.6 Rockstars with Mrs Sturgeon
  Pr. 7 Rockstars with Ms Rice  Pr. 7 Rockstars with Ms Rice and Mrs Mulherron
WCPS are ready to rock!  WCPS Rockstars on the stage. 
 WCPS Rocking the Stage!  Scream!
 Rapping Parents and GrandParents  Pop Section with WCPS Staff and Pupils
 Mrs MacKenzie at the end of the concert  WCPS Staff Rockstars.