The Human Body


 Jessica McCallum: -We made a lung experiment, the way we made it was with 2 balloons, 1 bottle and a straw. We cut one of the balloons and put on the bottom of the bottle once we had cut the base off, then we put the rubber band around the full balloon and put a straw in it and sealed it with playdoh.  When you pull the balloon on the bottom, the balloon inside deflated then when you let go it inflated again - just like our lungs!
Kai Dollen-Pringle:- The fibia and the tibia are connected to the femur which is the strongest bone in the body and is connected to your lower leg.  Ewan and I were fibia and tibia at our assembly.  We made skeletons in class with white chalk on black paper and we put cotton buds on for the bones.  
 Lucy Pennycook:- My favourite thing in the assembly was when I got to be a nurse and I got to do what my Mum does.  My Mum trains people to become nurses.  My favourite song we sang was 'What I Am' by, we had actions and for the word 'stronger' we showed our guns!  

 Amrit Singh:- The skull is made up of 22 bones and protects your brain.

The rib cage protects the heart and your vital organs. The heart has small tubes which pumps blood and provides the body with nutrients and oxygen.