Uganda Event

 Uganda Event 2015


Miss Hamilton and Pastor Donald organised an event to showcase our work on Uganda and to highlight the differences between our pupils and those attending school in Uganda. There were six zones looking at different aspects of school life.

Zone One showed the type of food that the children have for breakfast and lunch and everyone could taste Poshi. It was not popular!

Zone Two focused on Hygiene. Children could use a tippy tap to try and wash their hands. They could then use a light box to see how effective they had been.

Zone Three: WCPS and Scotland. Visitors to the event had an opportunity to write and draw about what makes our school and Scotland great. We are going to send the pictures and writing to Caitlin's school in Uganda.

Zone Four was making games just like the children in Uganda. 

Zone Five was a traditional Ugandan home. Members of Pastor Donald's congregation recreated a traditional Ugandan home for our pupils to see.

At 3pm in Zone Six Mrs White and our choir performed a traditional Ugandan song, a Scottish song and a Glaswegian song. Mrs MacKenzie and Pastor Donald also spoke about RRS and the work being done to support Caitlin's school in Uganda.